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SpaceX and the Opportunity for Bipartisan Space Exploration

This past Sunday, the United States watched two astronauts complete the first water landing from space in 45 years. Despite these polarizing times, this incredible feat cut through the panicked headlines about the upcoming election, the deadly pandemic, and the civil unrest in our society and united Americans for an hour. Two astronauts, landing in the Gulf of Mexico, successfully united Americans and ignited, albeit temporarily, a sense of pride in the accomplishments of our country.

Massive scientific accomplishments, particularly with regard to space exploration, have always been a unifying force. The Apollo 11 mission drew an unprecedented 58 million American households and 650 million viewers worldwide, making the moon landing the largest television event to that point. Similarly, the peril of the astronauts in the Apollo 13 landing drew massive viewership, nearly 40 million Americans watched the splashdown in 1970. Space exploration provided an opportunity for Americans to be proud of the technological achievements of the United States and still hope for more, as the vast expanse of space provided infinite possibilities.

However, the accomplishments of the SpaceX capsule were not solely in the unifying nature of space exploration. SpaceX cooperated with NASA scientists and astronauts to make this event possible, showing important collaboration between private enterprises and the US government. In addition, while the partnership between SpaceX and NASA was finalized under President Obama, President Trump tweeted out a rare, non-partisan statement about the splashdown

While the sense of accomplishment and unity appeared fleeting, the lessons learned about bipartisan collaboration were very real. Space exploration and technological and scientific advancement provide an opportunity for bipartisan collaboration, while simultaneously working to unify our country around the minimal nature of our problems against the backdrop of space. At Renew America Together, we hope that more partnerships between unlikely collaborators will lead to a unified, less polarized America. Space is a great place to start.