What is the Civility Leadership Institute?

Partisan policies driven by partisan politics, coupled with 24-hour news feeds and always-on lifestyles, have widened and deepened our country’s divide. It is getting harder to have civil conversations. Kitchen table issues can’t be discussed because the kitchen table itself has become a battleground. Families are divided. Communities are divided. Our government is divided. We are stuck. We need skills. We need to be able to restore mutual respect in our relationships and need to be able to move forward as a country. We need to remember what matters to all of us. All of this is what inspired the creation of the Civility Leadership Institute (CLI).

CLI participants will virtually meet once a month for six months. During each session, they will work through an exciting curriculum, hear from dynamic nationally recognized speakers, and strengthen their relationships with each other. CLI graduates will receive a professional certification in VitalSmarts™ Crucial Conversations and TypeCoach Influence Training and participate in a year-long follow-up program allowing them to continue to build relationships with one another, measure their progress and accomplishments, and receive professional coaching from industry leaders.

Who should apply for CLI?

Community leaders, state legislators, law enforcement, mayors, educators, business leaders, etc. If you feel that this program will benefit you and your community, you may be a candidate for our inaugural class.


During this program, you will gain insights about yourself and others, build leadership skills that will enable you to better communicate with those you influence and those who try to influence you. You will also apply what you learn to real-life situations where the consequences of your leadership really matter.

Specifically, you will:

  • Recognize your communication, leadership, and influence styles and adapt to positively impact others.
  • Look for signs of silence and violence in yourself and others and tailor your communication approach accordingly.
  • Begin crucial conversations by creating mutual purpose and building mutual respect.
  • Mitigate conflict due to misunderstandings by owning your behaviors and making it safe for others to do the same.
  • Apply what you learn to specific situations through project work.

You will also:

  • Co-create solutions to organizational and societal problems with fellow participants.
  • Receive a certificate of completion in Crucial Conversations™ training by VitalSmarts™.
  • Receive a certificate of completion in Verifier+ and Influence training by TypeCoach.
  • Participate in quarterly check-in events with General Clark & other Renew America Together (RATO) featured speakers.
  • Receive up to three hours of one-on-one coaching as you apply what you learn.
  • Engage in reading assignments designed to help you examine your thinking process and identify how to act with courage.
  • Leave with a playbook to replicate program elements in your community.

Applicants should be able to:

  • Commit to the program (one day each month for six months with 12 months of follow-up)
  • Attend all sessions (see schedule)
  • Have computer and camera access in a private area
  • Have access to Zoom
  • Be willing to participate in measurements during and after the program

Registration Process:

  • Apply to the Civility Leadership Institute (CLI).
  • Upon acceptance, you will receive an invitation for an onboarding call.


  • Participation in CLI is a $497 investment per participant.
  • Payment is due upon acceptance into the program.

For 2021:

July 16: "See Each Other"
August 20: "Where Are We Stuck?"
September 17: "Stories vs. Facts"
October 15: "Look & Make It Safe"
November 19: "Listen & Take Action"
December 17: Graduation & Presentations
*Each session will take place virtually from 9 am - 4 pm central



*Additional speakers will be added as confirmed.