Voters Spoke, Time for Healing

Joe Biden official portrait 2013.jpg Two weeks ago, Americans voted for the next President of the United States. Despite allegations of voter fraud, media sensationalism, and continued foreign disinformation, the 2020 election was considered one of the most secure elections in American history. The preparations made by state governments and the readiness of the FBI, Homeland Security, and the FEC protected the integrity of our presidential election. There was no evidence of widespread voter fraud, no major foreign influence in the outcome of the election, and despite media concerns, no major riots or violence following the results.


The American people have spoken and Joseph Biden will be the next president of the United States. However, the American people want to see the partisan rancor emanating from Washington end. President-elect Biden has said he will be a president for all Americans, not just the Democratic Party. Will party leaders and members of both parties support this bipartisan approach? And if so, can the government regain the trust of more Americans by moving the country forward on jobs, health care, immigration and border security and other issues?  


While we still have two months until these questions are answered, the United States has undoubtedly entered a new chapter in which we must work together to combat divisive rhetoric, bigotry, misinformation, and hatred. Only through cooperation can we live up to our potential and become a truly united country. The partisan rhetoric indicative of the past administration is not new to American politics and each time in history, our society has overcome our polarized camps to maintain a united American identity.


At Renew America Together, we have no doubt that Americans will continue to push the boundaries of progress together. Republicans, Democrats, and non-partisan Americans make up the greatest democratic experiment in history, and through strong leadership and bipartisan cooperation, we can begin to heal from this divisive era. We humbly ask President Trump to concede the election for the safety and security of our democracy and to help this nation begin to heal from the polarized partisanship of American society.

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