Announcing the Civility Leadership Institute

In 2021, we live in one of the most polarized times in American history since the Civil War. Divisions are everywhere, as families, communities, and even our societal framework, resting on our American values of trust and civility, are being torn in two. The partisan gridlock, divisive rhetoric, the rapid spread of disinformation, and sensationalist media have fueled the flames of polarization, separating us as Americans. Renew America Together’s mission has always been to unite Americans and promote civil leadership and bipartisan cooperation to heal our society from these deep partisan wounds. To further commit our efforts towards our mission, we are launching a new initiative to combat polarization, called the Civility Leadership Institute (CLI).

Under this new initiative, the Civility Leadership Institute will be accepting applications from politicians, business leaders, policy experts, community leaders, law enforcement, and students to become CLI participants. Participants will meet once a month virtually for six months. Each month they will work through an exciting curriculum, hear from dynamic nationally recognized speakers, and strengthen their relationships with each other. CLI graduates will receive professional certifications in VitalSmarts™ Crucial Conversations and TypeCoach Influence training and participate in a year-long follow-up program to continue building relationships with one another, measure their progress and accomplishments, and receive professional coaching from industry leaders.

Using this new set of skills, CLI graduates will help us fight against polarization and division as we train leaders to move America forward on the right path. We hope that you or someone you know will consider applying to this opportunity to strengthen leadership and communication skills so that we can Renew America Together.

To apply, please visit and submit the application form. Feel free to suggest this opportunity to others that may be interested.

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