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What Is Renew America Together?

Renew America Together is a nonprofit organization designed to promote and achieve greater common ground in America by reducing partisan division and gridlock. Our mission is to revitalize public and political discourse by teaching and promoting civics, citizenship and civility.

Who We Are

General Wesley K Clark (ret.)

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Governor Jeb Bush

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Governor Jennifer Granholm

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Governor Mike Huckabee

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Senator Mary Landrieu

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Senator Trent Lott

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Secretary Tom Ridge

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What’s New

On the Debates...

On Wednesday and Thursday at the NBC-hosted debates in Miami, the Democratic candidates for President will be at their best – in the head-to-head contest to publicize their biographies and policy proposals, to distinguish themselves from others seeking the nomination and above all

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Lyon College
Lyon College
New England College
New England College

Previous Events

Grand Valley State University

March 14, 2019
L.V. Eberhard Center, 2nd Floor
Grand Rapids, Michigan

University of Virginia

March 1, 2019
12-1:30 pm
General Wesley K. Clark (ret.) and  Jessica Yellin visit the Student Legal Forum at the University of Virginia for a bipartisan discussion encouraging young adults to enter the modern political arena.

University of Pennsylvania

January, 23, 2019
College Hall, Room 200
General Wesley K. Clark (ret.) and special guest Secretary Tom Ridge
Moderated by Jessica Yellin

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